Dear Judo friends,

It is good to be back! We look forward to running this event once again. USIST will be a bit different this year. Sadly, it will only be a one day event this year. And due to travel restrictions, we do not expect our international teams. We understand this may be a disappointment, however we hope to one day return to our usual event.

This means food will not be provided for our competitors or spectators, nor will overnight accommodation be provided. Clubs are free to organise their own accommodation and food if they wish.

Jacob Wagstaff
UoS Judo Club

Your data

We will do everything we reasonably can to keep your data safe.
Once the event has finished, all data you have given us by way of entries will be deleted. The exception being any names added to the results page on this website.


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Format of competition 

Teams of 6 players
Men: 1 x Under 73kg; 1 x Under 81; 1 x Under 90kg; 1 x Over 90kg.
Women: 1 x Under 63kg; 1 x Over 63kg.

Weigh in

Players are given the option to be weighed either on the day (Saturday 21st March), or the night before (Friday 20th March). Weighing in on the night before would be ideal as it allows for a prompt start on Saturday.
Whole team should weigh in together.
Players can fight one weight category above their normal category.
Players may only fight for the team they weighed in with, i.e. if team A is knocked out, the players from that team cannot then fight for team B.


This is a student event.
Universities are allowed to bring as many teams as they wish, as well as reserve competitors.
Each team should correspond to an individual institution.
There is no grade restriction on this event.
Reserves may fight in their category, or the one above.

Contest rules

The competition will be fought under BJA modified version of IJF rules.
All players should wear a clean white judogi and teams should provide their own blue and white belts.
All contests will be 4 minutes duration for both men and women (time may be reduced if we have a big entry).
Reserves may compete in the weight group they weighed in as or one higher.

Additional notes

Tournament director decision is final on all matters.
This is not a promotion (dan grade) point scoring competition for British players.

What will USIST cost to enter?

Each costs £85, then £25 for each individual player/reserve. 

Anyone not in a team who will be staying for the social/food must also pay the £25.

Example of monies due

  • Team one consists of full team and 3 reserves (9 people)
  • Team two is missing a lightweight lady, 0 reserves (5 people)
  • 3 other people are coming along for the social and staying over

2 x team fee = 2 x £85 = £170

14 players in teams including reserves = 14 people = 14 * 25 = 350

3 others enjoying food/social @ £25 each = £75

Total due £170 (team fee) + £350 (player £25s) + £75 (3 other people) = £595

Registration process

  • The registration process must be completed once for each team
  • When asked how many you are registering, include players, reserves and anyone else that needs to pay (accommodation / food / social).


If you have issues registering online (above), please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

What are we missing?

If you can help give us more info for this page, please do. 

Have you competed in the past? Know of results in the blank places below? Please let us know.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Videos of USIST shennanigans

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2017 was the 20th year of USIST running


  Gold Silver Bronze Bronze Throw of the day - men Throw of the day - women # Teams
2022 TBC!
2021 No event
2020 No event
2019 Matterkloppes A Aachen A Munster A Matterkloppers C Pin Snippe (Matterkloppers B) Viola Haupt (Munster A) 21
2018 Groningen A Radboud Munster B (Lost to Gronigen A) Munster A (Lost to Radboud) Thomas Gerhmann (Aachen C) Josine van Eck (Gronigen B) 23
2017 Radboud (NLD) Aachen A (DEU) Muenster A (DEU)   Edinburgh A Ulrich Heselhaus (Muenster) Sophie Gatenby (Northumbria) 24
2016 Groningen A (NLD) Groningen B (NLD) Muenster A (DEU)  Edinburgh A Michael MacLennan (Edinburgh) Clare Rimicans (Strathclyde) 22
2015 Muenster A (DEU)   Manchester A  Sheffield A Edinburgh A      
2014 Muenster A (DEU)  Warwick A Sheffield A Edinburgh A Erik Janen (Muenster A) Amy Dougan (UWS)  
2013 Birmingham  Edinburgh Muenster (DEU)        
2012 Muenster (DEU)            
2011 Munster  (DEU)           25
2010 London A Warwick A Sheffield A Aberystwyth      
2009 Muenster A Munster B Manchester A  Warwick A  Matthew Clempner (Manchester A)  Daniela Kabbeck (Muenster)  23
2008 Muenster A (DEU) London A     Sheffield  Ben George (Sheffield)    
2007 Muenster A London A  Cambridge A  Oxford   Rahul Bose Gemma Edwards (Sheffield)  
2006 London A Muenster  Manchester  Royal Netherlands Naval College (NLD)  Archi Shrimpton (Sheffield)  Noortje Ten Broehe   
2005 Muenster A (DEU)  Leuven (BEL)  London  Loughborough  Ted Lessaware (Sheffield)  Ameline Gerbel (Loughborough)   
2004 Muenster A (DEU)  Muenster B (DEU)   Sheffield A  Loughborough  James Hornsby (Sheffeld)  Steffanie Wernelt (Muenster)   
2003 Birmingham Muenster (DEU)  Sheffield A  Sheffield B       
2002 Muenster (DEU) Leuven (BEL)  Sheffield A  Hertfordshire       
2001 Muenster (DEU) Hertfordshire  Sheffield A  Royal Naval Institute (NLD)      
2000 Muenster (DEU) Sheffield A  Brussells (BEL)   Hertfordshire Michael Lindemann (Muenster)     
1999 Hertfordshire Leuven (BEL)  Hull  Stratfordshire       
1998 Sheffield A Leuven (BEL)  Hertfordshire  Durham