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We think 2017 was the 20th year of USIST running


  Gold Silver Bronze Bronze Throw of the day - men Throw of the day - women # Teams
Matterkloppes (NED) Tuntse Fontys (NED) Aachen A (DEU) Edinburgh A Ric Fissering (Matterkloppes) Merel Worthius (Matterkloppers) 11
2022 No event
2021 No event
2020 No event
2019 Matterkloppes A Aachen A Munster A Matterkloppers C Pin Snippe (Matterkloppers B) Viola Haupt (Munster A) 21
2018 Groningen A Radboud Munster B (Lost to Gronigen A) Munster A (Lost to Radboud) Thomas Gerhmann (Aachen C) Josine van Eck (Gronigen B) 23
2017 Radboud (NLD) Aachen A (DEU) Muenster A (DEU)   Edinburgh A Ulrich Heselhaus (Muenster) Sophie Gatenby (Northumbria) 24
2016 Groningen A (NLD) Groningen B (NLD) Muenster A (DEU)  Edinburgh A Michael MacLennan (Edinburgh) Clare Rimicans (Strathclyde) 22
2015 Muenster A (DEU)   Manchester A  Sheffield A Edinburgh A      
2014 Muenster A (DEU)  Warwick A Sheffield A Edinburgh A Erik Janen (Muenster A) Amy Dougan (UWS)  
2013 Birmingham  Edinburgh Muenster (DEU)        
2012 Muenster (DEU)            
2011 Munster  (DEU)           25
2010 London A Warwick A Sheffield A Aberystwyth      
2009 Muenster A Munster B Manchester A  Warwick A  Matthew Clempner (Manchester A)  Daniela Kabbeck (Muenster)  23
2008 Muenster A (DEU) London A     Sheffield  Ben George (Sheffield)    
2007 Muenster A London A  Cambridge A  Oxford   Rahul Bose Gemma Edwards (Sheffield)  
2006 London A Muenster  Manchester  Royal Netherlands Naval College (NLD)  Archi Shrimpton (Sheffield)  Noortje Ten Broehe   
2005 Muenster A (DEU)  Leuven (BEL)  London  Loughborough  Ted Lessaware (Sheffield)  Ameline Gerbel (Loughborough)   
2004 Muenster A (DEU)  Muenster B (DEU)   Sheffield A  Loughborough  James Hornsby (Sheffeld)  Steffanie Wernelt (Muenster)   
2003 Birmingham Muenster (DEU)  Sheffield A  Sheffield B       
2002 Muenster (DEU) Leuven (BEL)  Sheffield A  Hertfordshire       
2001 Muenster (DEU) Hertfordshire  Sheffield A  Royal Naval Institute (NLD)      
2000 Muenster (DEU) Sheffield A  Brussells (BEL)   Hertfordshire Michael Lindemann (Muenster)     
1999 Hertfordshire Leuven (BEL)  Hull  Stratfordshire       
1998 Sheffield A Leuven (BEL)  Hertfordshire  Durham